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What We Do

At Roberts Repair we don't just fix vehicles. We solve your automotive headaches. We provide automotive repair, maintenance, and diagnostic services for all makes, models, and problems. We are not satisfied until you are confident that your vehicle is in good, durable, and dependable condition. We service personal vehicles, fleets, and emergency vehicles from our locations in Rhinelander and Marathon City, Wisconsin.


We provide a complete suite of automotive maintenance services for your personal vehicle. We offer vehicle repair, routine maintenance, and diagnostics. We handle everything from oil changes to solving that pesky misfire.


We offer comprehensive fleet maintenance services to keep your fleet running and your costs down. We provide maintenance, vehicle repair, and diagnostic services. Let us help strengthen your bottom line by making your vehicles last longer and run better.

Emergency Vehicle

The emergency vehicle fleet manager knows the dilemma of balancing purchase price and operational cost with the particular needs of their fleet. Proper maintenance is the most important and often lowest cost per mile of all operational expenses.


Roberts Repair has been solving auto repair problems since 1989. Starting from a small single bay shop with one Tech we have become a multi-location industry leader.

Rather than follow the auto service industry by providing maintenance procedures that involve upselling, we have focused on improving maintenance processes to bring actual value to our clients. This includes everything from how often we use a torque wrench to who uses the torque wrench. We don't hire mechanics or unskilled maintenance techs. We hire Professional Automotive Technicians, the most experienced of which perform our maintenance.

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At Roberts Repair, we provide a complete suite of maintenance, diagnostic, and repair services. Our comprehensive approach to customer and automotive service is industry leading. Our mindset is primarily to prevent problems, and solve them only as needed.

What We Do

Auto Repair

We fix vehicle problems (see Vehicle Maintenance). It is what we do. When your vehicle doesn’t function or just isn't quite right we can take care of it.

Vehicle Diagnostics

The Apollo spacecraft had two computers, the average modern car has twenty-two. Whether it is a symptom or a warning light or both, our combination of Professional Technicians using state of the art equipment (Scan Tools) can solve just about any problem.

Vehicle Maintenance

We firmly believe in avoiding problems before they happen. Let our seasoned Technicians keep your car at its best.

Who We Serve


Whether it’s your car or your baby we understand. You need it to commute, to take the kids to soccer practice, and to go on vacation.


We offer a complete suite of fleet maintenance solutions to keep your fleet in service and operating. Our proven approach increases vehicle productivity and life-cycle.

Emergency Response Providers

We have the certifications and expertise to service Emergency Vehicles. We are proud to help keep our Firefighters, EMS and Law-Enforcement on the road.

Classic Vehicle Owners

We are in the business because we love the classics. We guarantee that we will treat your classic car (or tractor) with the love and respect that you do.

Unique in the Industry


You won't see any "ASE Certified" badges on our website. Most surgeons don't advertise with their high school GPA. We are well beyond that level. Just see our 200+ certifications.


We have written articles for a number of publications. We also provide valuable information for consumers, technicians, and shop and fleet managers on our blog.


We serve on certification test writing committees. Our goal is to contribute to the competence of trained and certified automotive technicians nationwide.

Years of

Your vehicle will be maintained by an experienced Technician. We have over 100 combined years of technical background. We welcome entry level Technicians, but recognize the necessity of a mentoring process to prepare them to become Lead Technicians.


When the unexpected happens we will do everything we can to get your vehicle back to normal even if it means rearranging our schedule.


With our locations in Rhinelander (our main shop) and Marathon City we can service most any vehicle in the northern half of Wisconsin.


We know that sometimes getting a tow truck is not an option. Although this is not standard we do provide mobile service for those situations where it is unavoidable.


We train automotive Technicians around the country. We teach a wide variety of classes to educate the this and the next generation of Technicians.


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(715) 282-6663

6663 Hwy 8 West
Rhinelander, WI 54501

Monday through Friday
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Providing Northern Wisconsin with automotive service since 1989.



6663 Hwy 8 West
Rhinelander, WI 54501


4891 144th Ave
Marathon City, WI 54448

By appointment only

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