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Roberts Repair is a full service, independent, automotive repair facility. We are like the Marines, we are looking for a few good customers. Although we specialize in Emergency Vehicles, we are equipped for and capable of servicing most automotive vehicles and equipment built in this century or the last.

Our Core Principles

In our many years of business, Roberts Repair has consistently followed certain core principles. We reiterate these with our team members at each shop meeting.They are as follows:

Our first concern is the reputation of Roberts Repair.


Our goal is to perform service that provides the customer with the necessary confidence that their vehicle is durable and dependable.


We will do the above while maintaining fairness to all with whom we are associated, including our customer, our vendors, our employees, and our community.


We must accomplish all the above while generating a financial profit.


We will NOT compromise the first three for the fourth one.


Unique in the Industry


You won't see any "ASE Certified" badges on our website. Most surgeons don't advertise with their high school GPA. We are well beyond that level. Just see our 200+ certifications.


We have written articles for a number of publications. We also provide valuable information for consumers, technicians, and shop and fleet managers on our blog.


We serve on certification test writing committees. Our goal is to contribute to the competence of trained and certified automotive technicians nationwide.

Years of

Your vehicle will be maintained by an experienced Technician. We have over 100 combined years of technical background. We welcome entry level Technicians, but recognize the necessity of a mentoring process to prepare them to become Lead Technicians.


When the unexpected happens we will do everything we can to get your vehicle back to normal even if it means rearranging our schedule.


With our locations in Rhinelander (our main shop) and Marathon City we can service most any vehicle in the northern half of Wisconsin.


We know that sometimes getting a tow truck is not an option. Although this is not standard we do provide mobile service for those situations where it is unavoidable.


We train automotive Technicians around the country. We teach a wide variety of classes to educate the this and the next generation of Technicians.

Our Team

 Kevin Roberts

Kevin Roberts

CEO & Owner

Kevin Roberts was the second of seven children raised on a farm in central Wisconsin and he discovered early on that he got along better with the equipment than with the animals. His favorite chores where using and servicing the tractors, trucks, cars, and farm equipment. His favorite work place was in the shop, organizing the tools and equipment, and figuring out what made things work. He credits his 8th grade science teacher with instilling in him a confidence that mechanical things were understandable if you were committed to reading and willing to take them apart (as well a put them back together).

After high school, he worked in construction in the city of Milwaukee, starting out as a laborer and becoming a union Bricklayer through a Joint Apprenticeship opportunity. By the end of his six years in the industry he was a commercial jobsite foreman for the masonry contractor that employed him. (He also helped maintain and repair the construction equipment as needed)

The next six years were spent as maintenance director for Crescent Lake Bible Camp. It was this position that brought him to Rhinelander Wisconsin. He was in charge of a maintenance crew that often consisted of just himself, maintaining 30 plus buildings, multiple vehicles and pieces of equipment. He loved the work and the people he became friends with. It was here he met his wife.

When it was time to start a family, Kevin wanted a career that provided not only a steady income, but the opportunity to spend time with that family. He purchased a plot of land that had a house and shop in close proximity, spent some time making the shop usable, and opened for business. The freedom to walk home for lunch with his children was all it was hoped to be. Three boys and a girl later he is often found talking about his remarkable children.

After doing so, he was invited to attend the EVTCC Validation Conference to take part as a volunteer committee member in the test development process. He has worked with them almost every year since, becoming a committee chairman and in 2015, joining the board of directors.

In 2005 he was invited to a Police Fleet Expo, the first of several and was given the opportunity to write a series of articles for the Police Fleet Manager Magazine. This continued until 2010 when he served as an adjunct instructor for Nicolet Technical College and was unable to devote the necessary time to writing. These articles are archived at Hendon Media Group.

In late 2012 he was approached by CarQuest Technical Institute about becoming a trainer of automotive technicians. He had been attending the classes offered by CTI for well over a decade and with a certain amount of trepidation accepted the offer. This has continued since and he has regular regions in Mississippi, Arkansas, Illinois, and southern Wisconsin. He also leads individual classes as needed across the country.

Since 2014 he has produced and delivered Ambulance Training for California, Oregon, and Colorado Fire Mechanics associations. These are usually 4 or 5 days of instruction that cover all areas of ambulance service and include both lecture and hands on training.

In 2018 the EVTCC Board elected him to succeed Steve Wilde as President.

 Katherine Huntzinger

Katherine Huntzinger

Office Manager

Katherine Huntzinger descended on the office in 2015, boldly taking charge as no one has before. Previously she worked in purchasing and inventory for other companies. She likes to say she has her BS degree in accounting from FU (Bachelor of Science from Franklin University). Her hobby is cooking.

 Nathan Roberts

Nathan Roberts


Nathan Roberts took his first ASE test on the same day he took his driver license road test and was a recertified Master ASE Automobile Technician before the age of 22. He graduated from the Nicolet College Automotive Program in 2009. His old man has pictures of him on a creeper at age 2. He once diagnosed a failing valve lifter by inspecting the shape of the debris on the oil pan drain plug magnet, saving the engine from catastrophic failure. His goal is to take and pass all the ASE and EVT certification tests. His hobby is wood working.

 Kerry Roberts

Kerry Roberts


Kerry Roberts has been with us since October of 1996. Before this he worked in a tool and die shop for several years. His specialties are vehicle maintenance (he’s very particular about checklists) and heavy truck repair. He has multiple Master ASE certifications, Master Ambulance EVT, and several Fire Apparatus EVT certifications. He has been known to stop in at customer locations on the way to work (on his own time) just to make sure the fleet was road ready. (He is a driver favorite) His hobby is metal-working with his lathe.

 Dan Chagnon

Dan Chagnon


Dan Chagnon is our newest Technician (August of 2014) but brings a great depth of experience. He has been in the industry since 1990 after graduating from our local Nicolet College Automotive Program. He has been a ASE Master Automobile Technician since 1991 and is a Ford Senior Master Automobile Technician. Since starting with us he has taken and passed all his EVT Ambulance Certification tests. He is almost always the first Technician into the shop in the morning. His hobby is fishing.

 Maria Berscheit

Maria Berscheit

Administrative Assistant

Maria Berscheit is our newest office helper, taking some of the load off of Katherine. She attended State College of Beauty Culture in Wausau. Her hobbies are singing and reading.

 Scott Breitzman

Scott Breitzman

Shop Assistant

Scott Breitzman is our go-to all-around take care of things guy. He maintains the plethora of equipment in the shop, makes parts runs both local and out of town, and is an extra hand whenever the Techs need one.

 Jacob Weddle

Jacob Weddle


Jacob Weddle is our shop clean up helper. Once during the week and usually on Saturdays, he comes in and sweeps the floors, empties the recyclables and trash, and does minor clean up.

Our History

Roberts Repair Inc was started by Kevin Roberts on January 1st, 1989. After 6 years in the construction industry in Milwaukee and 6 more years as the director of maintenance at a northern Wisconsin summer camp, Kevin married and began a family. His determination was to be able to spend quantity as well as quality time with his children. It was clear that construction wouldn’t work to that end but fixing cars and trucks might. He found a property just outside of Rhinelander that had both a house and shop that he could afford. This gave him a place to work and since the house was walking distance from the shop, he had the time with his kids that he wanted.

Kevin was the lone Technician for the first few years, times were lean but progress was consistent. He developed a reputation for being able to work on all the unusual things that other shops avoided. He serviced propane engines, farm tractors, and construction equipment. He was able to perform fabrication in his weld shop. When ambulance customers came calling it was time to attain certification status. He took and passed the ASE Automobile tests to achieve Master Automobile Technician status and then took the truck tests to achieve Master Truck Technician status. He added L-1 and L-2 Advanced Gas and Diesel Diagnosis Certifications as well. He began attending emergency vehicle maintenance conferences where he learned that the Emergency Vehicle Technicians Certification Commission provided a path to certification in addition to the ASE certifications. He took advantage of the opportunity to achieve Master Ambulance Technician status and also passed several of the Fire Apparatus certification tests.

After achieving Master Ambulance status, Kevin was asked to join the EVT validation conference to help develop the certification tests. After many years working on the Ambulance Track as both a committee member and chairman, he was asked to join the EVTCC Board of Directors. In 2012 he was approached by CTI (CarQuest Technical Institute) and asked if he would be willing to become a trainer. Since he had been attending CTI classes for around a dozen years, he was familiar with the quality of training that CTI offered. This would prove to be one of his biggest challenges since he would be leading classes all over the Midwest with attendees that had as much or more experience as he did. Today he balances his time in the shop with time on the road. Since each (training and working in the shop) is a break from the other, he says it is like being on vacation all the time. It is hard work but immensely satisfying.

Roberts Repair has grown into two locations. A larger facility in Rhinelander was procured in 1996 and true to form he built a house on the same property. In 2010 Roberts Repair expanded into an additional facility located in Marathon City Wisconsin. This allows them to better service the customer to the south. Since Roberts Repair services vehicles in a 100-mile radius, having the southern location is a great advantage.

Roberts Repair employs 5 Technicians including Kevin and has 2 people in the office to keep track of things. He has provided experience for both high school and college interns and usually hires a helper for the added workload in the summer.



On January 1st, 1989 Roberts Repair opened its doors with one scheduled job and one pickup truck load of firewood to heat the shop.



Fleet Customers

Roberts Repair begins servicing fleets, one of which uses propane as a fuel. Kevin attends propane school.



Roberts Repair is approached by Oneida County Ambulance as a possible service provider. Kevin attends Emergency Vehicle Conference.



New Location

Roberts Repair moved to a larger location on Hwy 8 West.



Kevin is asked to join the test writing process for the Emergency Vehicle Technician Certification Commission.



Committee Chairman

Kevin is first asked to chair an EVTCC Test Committee.



Kevin is approached by CarQuest Technical Institute to become a Trainer.



California Fire Mechanics Academy

Kevin is asked to develop and deliver a week-long Ambulance Service and Maintenance curriculum for the Spring Academy.


Board of Directors

Kevin is asked to join the EVTCC Board of Directors




Kevin is asked to serve on the NFPA 1917 (Ambulance Design Standard) Committee as an alternate to Stephen Wilde (EVTCC President).



Kevin is elected EVTCC President.


Providing Northern Wisconsin with automotive service since 1989.



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