Classic Car Care

Classic Car Care

Are cars more dependable than they used to be? Yes.

Are they as cool? Not even close.

Need someone as particular about the care of your classic as you are?

I hope so, because we love working on classic cars.

Classic Car Services


Fluids have changed over the decades; making sure the right one is used in an older vehicle can be a challenge. Using the wrong motor oil, transmission fluid, coolant, or even fuel, can cause undue headaches. The fact that most older vehicles have a low operational duty cycle changes the maintenance interval. Most manufacturers considered limited use- short trips to be Severe Service.


Classic cars have no computers to tell us what is going on inside the engine. It takes a trained and experienced ear; a practiced eye, and a soft touch to perform the adjustments that defined auto repair in the previous century.


Having been in business for decades we have a large library of older repair books, and many special tools, some of which have not been made for many years

Let us care for your classic

Call us and we will make sure it lives a long life

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